Sunday, May 9, 2010

Secret message for mom.

Do you remember when you used to read Robert Munch to me at bedtime? Sometimes the mother would say "This kid is driving me crazy!"
How many times did you read me this story? More, equal to or less times than the times that I did in fact drive you crazy?
Don't worry, when you are older I will love you forever.
You will always be THE MOM.
Even if I do in fact drive you crazy!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Does my speech mean it is a good choice no it does not

I do not tell people I have a little autism.
I do tell people on this website, but not people that I know.

I do not like how people behave already. I have a speech therapist.  This is because of the way I speak.
I have a question.  Why is it that we do not call her a speach therapist or speak therapist? I find it difficult to hear the difference between some speech sounds.  Such as er and or. The mom and the teacher have told me that this difficulty is one explanation of why spelling is difficult to learn.

I will talk more about this later.

I tell you about my speech because it is what the mom calls an obvious difference.  Whenever a kid has an obvious difference there is a risk that another kid will think this is a reason to bully.  My mom talks about these things.  How it is not my fault.

Technically speaking it does not matter about fault.  What matters is the result.  On Friday at 1:22 in the afternoon the result was a paper with the words Kick Me on my back.  On Friday the result was me explaining to my class why this was not acceptable.

There are 32 kids in my class.  19 are boy kids.  Only two boy kids plus me did not find this fun.  Only one girl found this fun.  Some of the boy kids that found this fun are my friends.  This does not make sense.

I did in fact use all the steps of conflict solving.
I evaluated the conflict.  This means to decide from 1 to 10 how serious a problem it is.  This problem started as a 2. By 2:42pm this problem was an 8.

I tried to talk about this problem using the tool "I".  This is when a person talks about their own sweet self not blame. I said own sweet self because these words are music for the mom.

I tried to leave the situation.

I did in fact find a grown up.  My question is why is this a step anyway? The grown ups enjoy telling kids to go back to the talk to them step.  We should think about moving the get a grown up step to the beginning.

I do not know any more steps that are acceptable so I was not happy.  To let my classmates know I was not happy I yelled.

The grown up came in and told me my yelling was not acceptable and did I want to go to the office young man.  I told this grown up that I would be thrilled.  I went to the office.  The man in charge called my mom.

Speech.  Technically speaking using dragon is cheating.  Dragon gives me choices when I say a word that it does not understand.  I do not have to spell.  I will tell the dragon go to sleep, that is a joke, and write with my fingers instead of dragon.  I do this so that you can see how my words sound.

no I af no dergun. mi seetsor saz I um a nurd.  my kwescin az tad bab?

That is too much work.   I will have the mom show me how to make a sound on this page.  The step dad does not learn computers.

After you people can hear my speech you can vote to put a kick me paper or not.